School Prospectus

We prepare children for the

Big world ahead of them... working with the

Big world around them

Personalised Learning,

Small Classes

and Wide Open Spaces.

We have limited Places Available for September 2021

Longvernal School: growing a community of learners and achievers
At Longvernal, we believe in offering a personalised learning experience for every child. The first thing that many parents notice is the small year group sizes with Teaching Assistants on hand as well to target support. This helps form strong relationships, and creates a ‘village school’ environment where our pupils can flourish.
We know that children learn best when they feel safe and happy, and our pupils thrive in a warm, friendly atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. We are proud of the care and support that we know your child will receive here. Children perceive themselves to be part of the “Longvernal Family.” Parental feedback about the school highlights the high quality pastoral care within the school. We believe that every child is an individual and that at Longvernal we need to support them as individuals in order that they reach their full potential.

Longvernal is placing an increasing emphasis on Outdoor Learning and upon helping our children discover, and find their place in, the natural world. We are seeing many positive results from this - not least, increased concentration, focus and physical activity which helps pupils work independently when back inside the classroom. And more than that... learning at Longvernal is fun! Please contact the school office if you would like a tour of the school on 01761 412777, I look forward to meeting you and giving you a tour of our wonderful school.

Karen Bazeley, Headteacher.


Longvernal is a perfect site for Outdoor Learning.

Our unusual name comes from the Saxon word ‘vernal’ meaning field. The area was formerly an apple orchard occupied by dozens of green woodpeckers. The orchard is gone, but the woodpeckers remain, flitting around our sports field and orchard!

The field is used for a variety of team games, sports fixtures and PE, not to mention cartwheels and daisy chain production during play times when the weather is fine!
We have a superb all weather Play Park, which is loved by our children. The school was built in 1976, is typical of the design favoured at the time and we do our utmost to be creative with our use of the space, internally and externally to enhance our outdoor curriculum.

You’ll see school differently...
Our central belief is simple: that every decision we make should have a positive outcome for your child. We set high expectations for ourselves and our pupils, and create an inspirational atmosphere where your child can achieve their very best academically and also in the
wider holistic curriculum.

We aim to:

  • Encourage and celebrate good behaviour and social responsibility
  • Equip our learners with the skills and attributes necessary to
    establish a firm basis for lifelong learning
  • Provide the opportunity for all our learners to achieve their own
    academic excellence within a broad balanced and meaningful
  • Keep learners’ wellbeing at the centre of every decision made and
    action taken
  • Equip our learners to make informed healthy life choices
  • Create an ethos that nurtures high expectation of self and others,self-belief and the ability to work independently
  • Develop our learners’ ability to work collaboratively, forming productive relationships with peers, parents and the wider school community
  • Create a stimulating safe and accessible learning environment
  • Develop in our learners a sense of global citizenship within an ever changing world.


Our personalised approach means that we are able to adapt teaching and learning situations to individuals and their particular strengths and weaknesses so that, over a period of time, our pupils fulfil their potential.
Such an approach can only really work in an environment where children are secure and at ease. So we work hard to create an ethos of mutual trust and respect between child and child, and child and adult.

we see your child individually.

We cater for children aged between 2 and 11 years and are fortunate in having our own pre-school forest nursery. This gives many of our reception class children the enormous advantage of having made a completely seamless transition from nursery to school, while staying within the safe and secure environment that they already know. We also offer a Breakfast Club each morning from 7:30am and afterschool club from 3:15 – 6:00pm daily during term time.


Though we follow the National Curriculum, we weave Outdoor Learning into many aspects of it. This begins in Foundation Stage (the first year of Primary) and continues on throughout the school.


At Longvernal we strongly believe in a working partnership with parents and we value the many contributions they make. There are numerous opportunities for you to help us shape
your child’s learning, including volunteering for school trips, becoming a parent governor,
joining the PTA, by reading with children in class or helping with subjects like ICT, Sports,
Music or Art.

The Curriculum
Through the wider curriculum at Longvernal, we aim to provide as many opportunities for learning and personal growth as we can. Visiting speakers, school trips, School Council, School Equalities Team and raising money for charity are just some of the ways that we help children to understand their place in society. We place particular emphasis on sport and in being part of a team. Through membership of our football, netball, dance, tennis or cross country teams we aim to build a sense of pride in our school and a sense of fair play in our children. Our goal is to provide a well-balanced education which encourages and inspires.

The critical first year at school
At Foundation Stage it has long been recognised that children learnbest through play. The curriculum is therefore carefully designed to allow a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activity. Through this, the children learn to work as a whole class, in small groups and one-to-one with anadult. Throughout the school, although children are often taught in whole class groupings for Literacy and Numeracy, group and partner work are regular features of
these and other lessons. Every teacher will plan to use a variety of different teaching methods and styles to help your child develop his or her thinking skills across every subject. Most of all we aim to make learning fun, and school a positive and unforgettable experience.

Would you like to see learning differently? Come and meet us! 

If you like the idea of individual attention, personalised learning and an exciting outdoor-based curriculum, then Longvernal is for you. The first step is to come and have a look around our school during a school day, speak tothe Headteacher, see the children at work and meet your child’s future teachers.

Call to arrange a visit: (01761) 412777 Email ...and get ready to see school in a whole new way!