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Cherry’s Term 5 Update

Term 5 Update


Wow! What an extremely busy half term we have had! It has been jam-packed with a variety of activities and new learning opportunities.


We all had the best time at the Mendip Activity Centre on the 3rd and 4th of May. The children thoroughly enjoyed every one of the activities they participated in; active archery, tobogganing, climbing, problem solving and skiing, all the children gave everything a go which was amazing! It is fair of me to say that they were totally exhausted when we got back to school. The whole class were excellent representatives of Longvernal as their behaviour was impeccable. 


In English we have been writing a narrative for the picture book ‘Journey’. The children have loved being able to put words to each of the illustrations. Overall, the children’s writing has improved and nearly all of the children are now challenging themselves to include grammar and punctuation techniques. Their final piece of writing this half term has allowed them to become really independent and choose their own success criteria and write the ending to their narrative. 


We have had a complete focus on fractions in Maths this half term, exploring what a numerator and denominator is, how to find equivalents and strategies to add and subtract proper and improper fractions. We will continue to work on this topic after half term before applying our knowledge to decimals. 


In our Guided Reading sessions, our focus book has been the ‘Iron Man’, the children have developed their written answers and are now able to answer questions more specifically. Their recall and retrieval skills have improved and they are much quicker at choosing relevant key pieces of information. 


Cherry have blown me away with how well they can all swim! The determination each individual has to better themselves is admirable. I look forward to seeing their progression over the next half term. Swimming will continue to be on a Friday in Term 6. 


How can I not mention our DT lessons - cutting, mixing, baking and cooking! I know the children have really enjoyed our focus on seasonal foods and have learnt about several of the food groups and types of food they can eat. It was lovely to see the children working alongside those they may not always, to weigh out and mix ingredients. The other classes were very jealous of all our DT lessons, as we had created several delicious smells around the school.


Our Science topic of living things and their habitats has been explored through investigations of habitats on the school grounds along with recognising what plants grow in which environment. The children are able to recall keywords confidently, such as: ‘classifying’. We will continue to develop our understanding of this topic when we delve into animals including humans, all kicked off with our visit to Bristol Zoo! 


Our History lessons have focused on the Ancient Greeks, the children have learnt about Alexander the Great, Greek Gods, Athens and Sparta and consolidated their learning being able to discuss, describe and compare the Greek legacy, applying their previous learning of the Romans. 


Finally, this half term we have been busy learning 8 songs, yes 8! For our ‘Raise the Roof’ celebration which will be happening next half term.


Please remember to encourage your children to read at least three times per week and to write it in their reading records. Swimming (PE) will continue to be on a Friday afternoon. Forest will be on a Wednesday - please ensure your child is dressed appropriately. 


I am looking forward to another exciting half term with Cherry Class, as mentioned above, starting with our visit to Bristol Zoo. We will also be revisiting the library to exchange books for new ones. Enjoy the Jubilee celebrations over the half term break and I will see you all in Term 6! 


Miss Collins


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Term 4 Update

Another very busy half term for Cherry Class! 

Term 4 started with a bang, with Book Week 2022! It was amazing to see so many budding artists in Cherry! All the children thoroughly enjoyed the activities; front covers, blurbs, bookmarks to name but a few. It was great keeping our story book front cover a mystery, as the children loved creating their own interpretations, which turned out to be nothing like the book’s! 

In English, the children wrote poems based on a River, using Valerie Bloom’s poem as a guide, then later, independently writing poems on the water cycle. The children enjoyed this, as they had already learnt about water cycles in science and created their own mini versions too! It was really good to see the children challenging themselves to include creative, well-thought-out metaphors and personification in their writing. 

As mentioned, our science topic was focused on states of matter (solids, liquids, and gases). The children are now able to describe the process of evaporation and condensation and how this works within the water cycle. 

There has been a huge focus on the children’s multiplication knowledge in maths, they have looked at written methods for both multiplication and division, along with learning lots of tricks to help them remember their times table facts. 

In Geography, the children have enjoyed learning about The Mediterranean. They have been able to use an atlas well and locate the sea itself and Naples confidently. There has been lots of map work, using maps to help locate mountains, volcanoes, and describe population density. Furthermore, knowledge was gained on how the Mediterranean Sea is used. Also, they have learnt about the climate and how this helps things grow. 

In Guided Reading, the children have focused on the book ‘The Midnight Fox’, ‘Still I Rise’, a poem by Maya Angelo and ‘Once Upon a Raindrop’. It has been great to see the children developing their retrieval skills, being able to use the text, confidently, to answer questions. Furthermore, seeing their inference and explanation skills are improving, is great!

The children have LOVED being creative in our PE Dance lessons with Michelle, being able to, as a class, create a dance based on a water – rivers, waterfalls, icebergs etc. It has been lovely to see all of the children develop their dance skills and gain confidence in performing. 

Next half term will be another busy one. In Science, we will be learning about ‘living things and their habitats,’ maths will focus on fractions and decimals and in PE, we will be going swimming. Wishing everyone a restful half term. See you in Term 5!


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Cherry’s Term 3 Update

How can it be the end of Term 3 already?! Again, Cherry Class have had a very busy half term and have continued to work extremely hard in all subjects, always trying their best and producing some outstanding pieces of work!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed writing holiday brochures in our English lessons. Together we wrote a holiday brochure to Sicily, where we worked on our persuasive techniques and how we can encourage the reader to book a holiday to Italy. They then applied this knowledge and wrote their own holiday brochures to Antarctica! The children were fully immersed into both destinations, especially when participating in our experience drama days, of plane journeys to both Sicily and Antarctica – they loved pretending there was turbulence! 

In Maths, the children have learnt about different units of measure and how to calculate the equivalents of each, applying this to everyday life. Then over the last couple of weeks, we have learnt how to multiply and divide efficiently, both topics, the children have worked hard on and have grasped a good understanding. We have been practicing our timetables in preparation for the timetable check in June, but please encourage your children to practice their tables at home. Our guided reading sessions have focused on inference, retrieval and making links to their own knowledge of Antarctica. They have enjoyed reading Shackleton’s Journey and have shown a great understanding of Antarctica (our geography topic). 

Our science topic will continue into Term 4; however, the pupils have become familiar with the different states of matter (solids, liquids, and gases) and are able to explain their properties well, securing this knowledge through investigating all three states, through observation. All children were extremely good and managed to not eat the chocolate before it melted!!! There have been LOTS of sport this half term, cheerleading, frisbee, tennis, footgolf and tag rugby to name but a few. The children have loved the extra PE sessions and it has been great watching the children participate in more physical activity and seeing the positive impact it has on their physical and mental health. Now the playground isn’t so slippery, we will be back out participating in the Daily Mile on a regular basis too! 

Cherry Class FINALLY visited The Roman Baths. All children were brilliantly behaved, even praised by a member of the public! and loved dressing up as a Roman! It was a fabulous day, and their learning was solidified through their exploration of the Baths. (There are lots of pictures on the Longvernal Twitter page). 

Just a reminder, all children in Cherry need to be reading at least three times a weekat home, along with completing weekly homework tasks (Doodle Maths, TTRS and spellings – found in Reading Records). Homework is checked on a Friday.

Term 2 Update

I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas and the end of Term 2 for Cherry Class! Again, we have had another busy term, with each week flying by due to all the fantastic, hard work the children complete each day.

They have really enjoyed their tennis PE lessons with Ben from the local tennis club, learning the different serves and all the silly games he plays, like fish, chips, and mushy peas! Furthermore, the introduction of The Daily Mile, Cherry Class have really embraced, loving those 10-15 minutes of exercise they complete, throughout the week, to keep their brains active and focused when in lessons.

Our English focus turned to a newspaper article based on plastic pollution and the impact this has on sea-creatures, although the children found this challenging, they all had a really good go at writing in the correct person and the right tense, using inverted commas to include eye-witness statements – I was really impressed! Our Maths focus was on addition and subtraction, and we have looked at several ways we can answers questions, using both abstract and pictorial methods, supported by specific resources to help their understanding. In our Guided Reading lessons, the children have thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and have worked on ways to improve on their comprehension skills, such as inference, retrieval, predicting and developing their vocabulary knowledge.

We have continued to learn about The Romans and the children are very confident in this topic now. I am in the process of rearranging the Roman Bath class trip and will let you know the arrangements in the new year. Our Science topic looked at sound, the children enjoyed investigating how sound travels and how we can change pitch and volume. We celebrated differences in our PSHE lessons, focusing on assumptions and what influences us, all of which we will continue in Term 3.

Just a gentle reminder to encourage your children to read at least three times a week, writing this into their Reading Records and to complete Doodle Maths for at least 20 minutes, and to practise the times tables they are not confident on as much as they can. All children should have their login details in their Reading Records but please drop me an email if they have been misplaced.

I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in 2022! 


Cherry’s News October 2021

What a cherrific start to the year it has been for Cherry Class! The children have settled back into school well and are all trying their absolute best in lessons. It has been a pleasure getting to know each one of them and watching them enjoying school life again! 

The children have really liked writing our narrative based on the short film ‘Feast,’ even though I kept the ending from them right up until the last week of term! It has encouraged the children to really think about the type of vocabulary they are using when they are writing each sentence and they are a lot more confident in developing each of the sentences they write. Our focus in Maths has been on place value, and although at times, some of the children have found this difficult, the children have really pushed themselves to achieve. I have seen some excellent examples of children having a positive mindset and using all the available resources as well as their peers to help them succeed. The Romans! I am sure you have heard everything about them… our History focus has taught us how the Romans changed Britain, all about their emperors and society along with how the Roman Empire began. 

Did you know…Cherry Class are now all electricians?! They have shown great enthusiasm in our Science lessons where they have been able to investigate and explain how simple circuits work and can even draw them using the appropriate scientific symbols! They particularly enjoyed becoming the components themselves, working together to become lightbulbs, batteries, wires, and electrons to demonstrate their understanding. I have been so impressed with how they have digested all the information and can now even spot mistakes within a circuit and make the corrections independently. 

PE is a highlight for a lot of the children this term, as we have been incredibly lucky to have the Football Coach every Friday for our PE lessons – I can see some professionals in the making! They have focused on their dribbling and passing skills as well as working together as a team. The children also had lots of fun during our cricket sessions towards the end of this half term, Cherry Class can be extremely competitive and have loved trying to catch the opposing team out during games. 

Wishing you all a restful half term and looking forward to seeing everyone back for Term 2! 

Welcome from Cherry Class!

We have had a very busy couple of weeks, in Cherry Class, since starting back after the summer holidays and it has been great seeing all the children back together again, sharing their news and playing with their friends! All the children seem very eager to learn and we have started our learning in Maths with place value and have begun our new writing scheme, which is focused on the short film ‘Feast’ and in our Whole Class Guided Reading our focus turns to ‘Max Kowalski, I didn’t mean it’. OIn history this term we are learning about The Romans, and we have started our topic of electricity in science, along with enjoying PE with the football coach and of course, Forest school (and luckily, so far, the weather has been kind to us!) 

Below is important information about the coming year: 

Forest School: This will be on a Wednesday. Your child must come to school in their forest clothing along with wellies, wellies can then be left in school in readiness for future lessons. A gentle reminder that your child should wear long sleeves and have trousers on and bring with them waterproofs/raincoats (weather dependent). 

PE: Our PE lessons are taughton a Friday. Children will wear the correct kit (Longvernal PE t-shirt; school sweatshirt or fleece; black shorts or sports trousers; and trainers) to and from school. If possible, please provide your child with a water bottle. 

Homework: A week will run from Thursday to Thursday, and I will check the children’s progress on a Friday morning. Your child needs to complete their homework using Doodle Maths, Spelling Shed (Ed Shed) and TTRS, no longer than 20 minutes per week. All your child’s their logins should be found in their Reading Records but if they have been misplaced, please let me know. 

Spelling: A mixture of spellings chosen by your child and our Year 4 scheme will be sent home each Friday, please make sure your child practices these as they will be tested on them the following Friday. 

Reading: The expectation is your child reads and records their reading at least 3x a week at home and should bring their Reading Record and book with them to school every day. I will collect these in on a Thursday in readiness for Celebration Assembly. It is important that your child reads each week to enhance their language understanding, along with building upon their fluency and comprehensive skills. 

It has been great getting to know all the children in Cherry Class and meeting many of you at drop offs and pick-ups. I will be on the playground each morning and at my door after school if there are any questions, worries or concerns. 

Many thanks,

Jess Collins