DT at Longvernal

At Longvernal Primary School, we endeavour to teach design and technology through creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems. All of which are inspiring, rigorous and practical. The ‘big ideas’ of design, make, evaluate, technical knowledge and cooking and nutrition enables all children to support clear progression and encourage understanding of the elements to scaffold creativity and develop vital skills. An example of the skills that design and technology advance, include fine and gross motor skills which are imperative to develop independence and confidence in completing activities.

The Longvernal values are displayed in design and technology, showing, working as a team and as a Longvernal family, originality for children’s own work, respecting other’s designs and excellence for high standards of creativity and evaluation.

Each lesson draws on a range of disciplines, including science, art, engineering and mathematics. In the unit of cooking and nutrition, children link these lessons to PSHE and the specific unit of ‘Healthy Me’ which focuses on how to ensure a healthy diet. 

The big idea ‘evaluate’ is an overriding element which encourages children to understand the influence of their designs to the impact on daily life. This includes how their product can be/is used in various contexts, and why, therefore, design and technology is taught.

Big Ideas in DT
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