Maple’s News July 2021

Maple class have been very busy this term! We have enjoyed completing our learning on Stone Age to Iron Age. The children all particularly enjoyed drawing their own Iron Age hillforts! As always, we’ve had a brilliant time taking our classroom maths learning outdoors, including: outdoor angles, perimeter around the field, lines and geometry on the playground. During forest sessions, we have lived, acted and played like Iron Age people. We have cooked pizzas, smores and bread using damper dough. All of the children have become much more confident cooking around the fire and have been more adventurous in trying new foods. 


Everyone was fantastic during PE in the lead up to Sports Day. We all learned to run faster, jump further into the sand pit and jump higher up the sides of trees. The whole class courageously undertook the 1 kilometer challenge (5 laps of the field) to improve their aerobic endurance. All of their hard work during PE lessons led to a successful and very impressive sports day. We have now had time to move onto playing cricket and most of the class are total naturals! 


I can’t express how proud I am of each and every one of the Maple Class children. Throughout this unprecedented year, they have shown incredible resilience and have managed to make incredible progress in their learning across the curriculum despite the disruption. Each child has matured and improved so much as the year has progressed. I consider myself lucky to have to taught such an incredible group of children.

Maple’s news May 2021

We have loved being back in school after the Easter holidays. For history, we have been learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age using our core texts, ‘Stig of the Dump’, and ‘Stone Age Boy’. The children have enjoyed creating their very own ‘Stone Age’ stories based on the text.  We’ve made links to ‘Rocks and Soil’ in science and we’ve made our own fossils using salt-dough after learning the fossilisation process. To deepen our understanding of soil we created our own compost! 


We have managed to create plenty of ‘real life’ Stone Age experiences in Forest School by building shelters, becoming hunter gatherers, making fire and improving our survival skills!

As always, we have been using and applying our maths learning in an outdoors setting, using the brilliant grounds we have at Longvernal. So far,  we have been focussed on unit and non unit fractions of amounts, fractions on a number line and adding fractions. On Friday afternoons for DT, we have started to design pneumatic moving monsters. Needless to say, the children have been enjoying their learning so far this term! We can’t wait for term 6...


Maple News March 2021

Maple Website Spring 2021


It has been brilliant to be back in school with all the children for the last few weeks. All the children have enjoyed seeing their friends and they have settled back into their learning incredibly well. The children in Maple Class are incredibly resilient and it has been an absolute pleasure seeing them learning and thriving in school once again. 


We have enjoyed using the Chrome Books to help us learn our times tables using ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’. After completing Varjak Paw as our class novel, the children were keen to use word processing software to write up Varjak Paw character descriptions. They also enjoyed explicit teaching on how to type; a key skill for children growing up in the world today. 


During Forest School, the children planted 3 different potato varieties: ‘Charlotte’, ‘Kestral’, and ‘Accord’. As ever, the children enjoyed getting muddy hands! After 12 weeks, we are planning on cooking each variety in school and conducting a ‘taste-test’ to see which potato variety is the class favourite. 


Whilst learning about rocks, the class conducted an experiment on the properties of different kinds of rocks. We investigated which rocks were the hardest, which ones floated, which rocks were permeable and which ones were the most durable. The class enjoyed using hammers, sandpaper and large bowls of water to put the rocks to the test! 


We are looking forward to an Easter break, but we can’t wait to get learning again in the summer term! 


Mrs Bazeley reads... Philosophy 26.2.21

Mrs Bazeley reads... Philosophy 12.2.21

Mrs Bazeley’s story time 5.2.21

Mrs Bazeley’s story time

Merry Christmas from Maple Class

Maple News Term 2

Term 2 has been very eventful in Maple class! We began the term studying ‘Flat Stanley: The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery’. The class enjoyed learning the story, acting out the story and creating their own stories by the end of the module.  All of the class coped incredibly well with the bubble closure for 2 weeks; they all learned well on Google Classroom and completed their learning to a high standard. Thanks again to all the parents for their support during this time. Some highlights from learning about ancient Egypt include: designing and creating Canopic Jars using air drying clay and using plaster to re-enact the mummification process. After a morning of mummification using salt and spices for embalming, many of the children commented, ‘this has been the best day in school I have ever had!’ In the run up to Christmas, we have continued to consolidate our classroom addition and subtraction in the outdoor setting, using concrete items, such as: leaves, stones and sticks to represent hundreds tens and ones. In forest, the children have used bow saws, sandpaper and blackboard paint to create wooden disc ‘tablets’ to write on using chalk. These can be used Christmas decorations or to write festive messages. It’s been a memorable term to end a memorable year... roll on 2021!


Healthy Sandwiches

As part of our healthy eating DT module we planned, designed and created healthy sandwiches to eat. The children enjoyed designing their ideal healthy sandwich and loved going outside to the newly refurbished bays to eat them with their friends. After taste testing all of the possible bread and filling choices, such as: brown bread, wholemeal pitta, white wraps, wholemeal wraps or white bread, the children planned their perfect healthy sandwich.  Each child ensured they included salad in their sandwich and many chose wholemeal bread or wraps to ensure they were making healthy choices. To complete the activity, everyone wrote a detailed set of instructions on how to make a healthy sandwich.

Maple News October 2020

We have all enjoyed getting back into the rhythm of learning at school in the last couple of weeks. We have enjoyed the Autumn sunshine during our multi-sports PE lessons with Miss Leyman and we have made the most of the idyllic Forest School conditions.  The children have enjoyed tasting and cooking different types of breads from around the world. The naan bread proved very popular, alongside the classic brioche bun! We also enjoyed the seasonal joy of finding, making and playing with conkers. 

In the classroom the children have produced some fantastic writing, based on the story of Egyptian Cinderella.  We have enjoyed learning about the importance of the River Nile and the God-like status of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. During science lessons, we have focussed on nutrition and healthy eating; so we will be launching into making healthy sandwiches in the near future. The class are continuing to show excellent learning behaviours and attitudes to learning. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and see green shoots of progress over the first month back at school.


Maple Class Expectations Video

Maple News September 2020

We’ve had a brilliant start to the year in Maple Class. All of the children have adapted to being back in school really well and  they have been working hard in lesson time. It’s been a pleasure getting to know each child.

We have all written a recount of our summer holidays, followed by editing and a final draft.  During Maths, we have been focussing on place value and I have been impressed by the children’s ability to draw  numbers to 1o00 using Diennes. With great excitement and expectation, we have started to learn about the Ancient Egyptians– who they were and where they were located.

As expected, the children were desperate to return to the forest! We had a brilliant, sunny afternoon in the forest area finding mini-beasts, cooking marshmallows and exploring the orchard area. Each child discovered, cooked and played cooperatively and with smiles on their faces.

It’s been a action-packed start to the term, with each and every child working well and enjoying being back with their friends in school.