Healthy Sandwiches

As part of our healthy eating DT module we planned, designed and created healthy sandwiches to eat. The children enjoyed designing their ideal healthy sandwich and loved going outside to the newly refurbished bays to eat them with their friends. After taste testing all of the possible bread and filling choices, such as: brown bread, wholemeal pitta, white wraps, wholemeal wraps or white bread, the children planned their perfect healthy sandwich.  Each child ensured they included salad in their sandwich and many chose wholemeal bread or wraps to ensure they were making healthy choices. To complete the activity, everyone wrote a detailed set of instructions on how to make a healthy sandwich.

Maple News October 2020

We have all enjoyed getting back into the rhythm of learning at school in the last couple of weeks. We have enjoyed the Autumn sunshine during our multi-sports PE lessons with Miss Leyman and we have made the most of the idyllic Forest School conditions.  The children have enjoyed tasting and cooking different types of breads from around the world. The naan bread proved very popular, alongside the classic brioche bun! We also enjoyed the seasonal joy of finding, making and playing with conkers. 

In the classroom the children have produced some fantastic writing, based on the story of Egyptian Cinderella.  We have enjoyed learning about the importance of the River Nile and the God-like status of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. During science lessons, we have focussed on nutrition and healthy eating; so we will be launching into making healthy sandwiches in the near future. The class are continuing to show excellent learning behaviours and attitudes to learning. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and see green shoots of progress over the first month back at school.


Maple Class Expectations Video

Maple News September 2020

We’ve had a brilliant start to the year in Maple Class. All of the children have adapted to being back in school really well and  they have been working hard in lesson time. It’s been a pleasure getting to know each child.

We have all written a recount of our summer holidays, followed by editing and a final draft.  During Maths, we have been focussing on place value and I have been impressed by the children’s ability to draw  numbers to 1o00 using Diennes. With great excitement and expectation, we have started to learn about the Ancient Egyptians– who they were and where they were located.

As expected, the children were desperate to return to the forest! We had a brilliant, sunny afternoon in the forest area finding mini-beasts, cooking marshmallows and exploring the orchard area. Each child discovered, cooked and played cooperatively and with smiles on their faces.

It’s been a action-packed start to the term, with each and every child working well and enjoying being back with their friends in school.