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Maple’s Term 5 Update

Maple’s Term 5 update


What a busy term it has been for Maple class. Starting with a trip to the wonderful Cheddar Caves. We loved exploring Gough’s and Cox’s caves and then having a workshop with a real life (kind of!) caveman. The trip cemented our learning and left us with lasting memories.

During Science this term we started learning about plants and their different parts. We have been investigating how roots grow on bean plants and how water gets transported through plants- why don’t you ask us about how it works? We will continue this Science topic next term to deeper explore the learning.


In PE this half term we have focused on developing skills in order to play rounders successfully. First we practised and refined our bowling technique to make sure it was accurate when delivering the ball to the person batting. Then we learnt how to position ourselves and hold a rounders bat correctly, before later learning how to hit the ball. We found hitting the ball quite difficult so we will continue to practise this skill along with learning how to field effectively, at the start of next half term, before we play a rounders match applying all of the skills we have learnt. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning lots and lots of new songs with Cherry Class, for our ‘Raise the Roof’ performance next half term. Out of the eight songs we have learnt this half term, we are able to sing at least three without the lyrics, which we are very proud of! We are going to continue to practise after half term in order to be the best we can be!


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Term 4 Update

What a busy term we have had!  Book Week was certainly a highlight - a whole week packed with lots of exciting book-related activities and competitions.  The children have continued to show great enthusiasm for literacy: they have enjoyed visiting the local library, writing adventure stories and reading ‘Varjak Paw’ by SF Said, and ‘Cool’ by Michael Morpurgo.

In Maths this term, we have been learning about statistics (pictograms and bar charts) and measurement: focusing on meters, centimeters and millimeters, when to use each unit of measurement and how to convert between them.

The children have been fascinated to learn all about rocks and soil in Science, and they particularly enjoyed working scientifically to investigate how hard-wearing different samples of rock were.

In History, we have continued learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age period, and the children have enjoyed studying cave painting in Art.  We are looking forward to further developing our knowledge on this topic with our trip to Cheddar Gorge in the first week back after Easter.

We have continued learning about Judaism in RE, and in PSHE we have been discussing how to take care of ourselves and stay healthy.  In Computing, the children have been exploring email and how to stay safe online.

The children have shown great maturity, resilience and commitment to learning this term, and I have been proud to be their teacher.  I am looking forward to seeing them all back at school for the first week of term 5.


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Coming up next week in Maple Class

Maple’s Term 3 Update

It has been a real pleasure to see Maple Class challenging themselves and trying their best in lessons this term.  We have enjoyed writing comedy narratives in Literacy, and learning all about pangolins for our non-chronological report.  In Maths, we have learned how to multiply and divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number, and are now learning how to add and subtract money.

Science has continued to be an area of interest for the class.  This term we have learned about nutrition, skeletons and muscles.  This has linked in with our DT topic, where the children have designed a healthy sandwich and will be making and evaluating these at the beginning of next term.  

 The children have been particularly interested in our history topic about the Stone Age and the Bronze Age.  We will continue this next term, looking at why Stonehenge was built and how things changed in the Iron Age.

 Forest school is still a highlight of the week for Maple Class, allowing them to show how kind and helpful they can be to one another, and how well they work as a team.  The children have also been developing their teamwork skills in dance this term, where they have been working together to create routines as part of a performance.

Next term PE will be on Fridays, so the children need to bring forest kit on Wednesdays and wear PE kit on Fridays.

 I hope you all have a lovely half term, and I look forward to seeing everyone back for Term 4!


Maple’s News October 2021

What a busy first term it has been!  The children have shown great maturity and enthusiasm for learning - across all aspects of school life.  In Maths, we started with place value then moved onto mental strategies for addition and subtraction.  Many children found this challenging at first, yet they have persevered and worked hard to master these skills.  In writing lessons we have studied explanation texts and written an explanation about ‘How an iRobot dog works’.  The class enjoyed the opportunity to get creative and design their own ‘iRobot’ creatures to write about, with ideas ranging from iRobot bats and tortoises to iRobot dinosaurs and dragons!  Our design and technology project this term has had a similar theme: the children have been learning about pneumatic systems and have designed their own monsters with moving parts, which they will make and evaluate in the final week of term.


   The class has loved learning about our History topic this term: the Ancient Egyptians.  Particular highlights have been writing messages in hieroglyphics and learning all about pyramids.  In RE we are studying Christianity in both terms 1 and 2; so far the children have learned about the Bible, the Trinity, Baptism and different types of churches.  Science has been a greatly anticipated lesson this term: the children have been fascinated to learn about forces and magnets.  They worked scientifically in groups to investigate which surfaces cause more friction, and we have explored which types of materials are magnetic.  In computing lessons the children have been working on their typing skills and learning about online safety.  PE has been another highlight - the class have enjoyed developing their confidence and football skills while being taught by a professional coach.  Weekly French lessons have become a firm favourite, and the children look forward to their Forest sessions with Miss Leyman, Mrs Bazeley and Mr Kitley each week.


   All in all it has been a fantastic first term and I am already looking forward to seeing everyone again in term 2!


  Miss Cartwright


Hello from Maple Class!

Maple class have had an excellent start to the term, showing great maturity as they settle into Year 3.  It has been lovely to get to know the children and see them developing their friendships, both in the classroom and on the playground.  They have shown great enthusiasm towards their learning so far, with French and Forest being particular favourites.  We have covered place value in Mathematics, and we are learning about forces in Science.  The children have enjoyed reading about ‘The iRobot Cat’ as part of their Writing lessons on explanation texts, and we have started reading The Butterfly Lion in Whole Class Guided Reading.  In History, we have started our topic on the Ancient Egyptians, and in PE they are learning to play football.

Some logistical points for the coming year:

  • P.E. is on Friday afternoons. Children will wear the correct kit (Longvernal PE t-shirt; school sweatshirt or fleece; black shorts or sports trousers; and daps or trainers) to and from school on these days. 

  • Forest School is on a Wednesday morning. They will come to school in their Forest kit and must wear a long sleeved top and long trousers — to protect their arms and legs from insect bites and tree branches. Sessions will take place in any weather (other than high wind or thunder and lightning storms) so please can you ensure their kit has the appropriate items of clothing (waterproofs, spare socks, wellies, gloves and a hat for colder months).


  • Homework will be set on Doodle Maths. Children should complete 15 minutes per week.  If anyone wishes to complete this at school they may join Homework Club on Wednesday lunchtime, where they can access Chromebooks. 

  • Now that they are in Year 3, Maple Class will also be expected to log on to Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) at least three times a week (for 5-10 minutes at a time), to practise their times tables.  I will check their progress on TTRS and Doodle Maths on Friday mornings.  

  • The children will bring home between 3-6 personal spellings on Fridays.  They will then be tested on these by their partner the following Friday.

  • The children must read and record their reading at least 3 times per week at home and need to bring their books and reading records to school daily. These will be collected in on Thursday, ready for Celebration Assembly on Friday.  At Longvernal we are passionate about getting children reading, as the amount children read has been shown to be a great signifier of future success.  It has even been proven to enhance mental wellbeing!

I will be available on the playground every morning and when I dismiss at the end of the day so please don’t hesitate to speak to me if you have any worries, concerns or queries. 

Finally, please don’t forget to check out the school website and Twitter as we will be updating both regularly!

I look forward to what promises to be an exciting year with Maple Class!