Term 2 Update

What a wonderful term we have had! In writing, after carefully considering the brilliant narrative poem by Alfred Noyes The Highwayman, the children thoroughly enjoyed writing their own, using the famous repeated refrain structure of the original. In Mathematics, they have learnt how to use and draw line graphs as well as read two-way time tables. More recently, we have covered prime and composite numbers, factors, multiples and multiplying and dividing by 10, 1000 and 1000. In the week running up to the holiday, we have started learning about area and perimeter. In Guided Reading, we have studied picture books (The Journey by Sanna was a particularly favourite), considered information texts and critiqued poems. We have also completed the brilliant Ahsa and the Spirit Bird by Jasbinder Bilan, which is highly evocative of rural India and the traditions and beliefs of the region. Termly class visits to the library have been absolutely brilliant and have added to the children's love of books. We have a class library card and the children are able to borrow books to read at home. This has been an enthusing force with some children devouring three novels a week!


In Science, the children have relished building on their learning about space to consider gravity and forces. They have worked scientifically to complete many investigations as a vehicle for their learning! In Geography, they have finished learning about global food trade and the impact that consumerism has on the environment. In DT, the children drew on their knowledge of the Year 4 Science curriculum - electric circuits - to design, create and evaluate a working alarm system. This term in Computing, the children completed a unit considering online safety. More recently, they have continued to develop their knowledge of spreadsheets to convert between measurements and to create a tool to count the most frequently used vowels in the English language. In RE, the children have been learning about Chrisitaninty and the Bible and in PE they have been focusing on hockey. The children were also lucky enough to take part in an orienteering afternoon, where they learnt how to hold a map and take bearings. Forest, as always, is everyone's favourite. Amongst other things, the children have made fires, whittled wands, created God’s eyes, and made Christmas trees. 


Have a great Christmas from all of the Willow team!



Willow’s News October 2021

How on Earth has a term gone already? We have had a brilliant start to the year and the children have covered so much already. In writing, after working hard on a narrative based on the short film One Small Step, the children have carefully constructed their own narrative, using the sophisticated punctuation and grammatical structures that we learnt. The children were palpably proud of their achievements! In Mathematics, we have learnt rounding and  representing numbers to one million as well as column addition and subtraction. In Guided Reading, we have closely studied TheInfinite Lives of Maisie Day, experiencing the complexity of plot. We have also completed the exciting Clockwork by Phillip Pullman, which had the children sitting at the edge of their chair! In Science, the children devoured our lessons, where they learnt about the Solar System and what it is to be a scientist. This was further benefitted by our brilliant trip to We The Curious.


In Geography, we considered global food trade and the impact that consumerism has on the environment. Art has been a favourite with the children. We have studied the work of Henri Rousseau, creating a sgraffito painting and a collage based on his famous painting Surprised. Another greatly anticipated lesson is Computing. This term, we have deepened our knowledge of coding: simulating a physical system; using decomposition and abstraction; simulating friction; and using text variables and concatenation. In RE, the children have been learning about Christianity and the Bible and in PE they first focused on tennis and more recently have enjoyed cricket with a professional coach. 


All in all, a fantastic first term! 


Hello from Willow Class

It has been great to welcome you back into school and finally get to see some of you face to face! We have had a wonderful start to the term, in Willow Class. It has been lovely to see the children reconnecting with friends and sharing holiday news. They have started their learning with enthusiasm, covering rounding in Mathematics, writing a narrative based on the short film One Small Step in Writing and they have been considering our class novel The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day in Whole Class Guided Reading.  In Computing, we have started our block in which they learn how to code a game and in PE they are learning playing tennis. Art, has been a particular favourite, where the children used glue guns to create harvest wax relief watercolours and in Forest they played ice-breaker games, had a tower building competition and made flour patterns.


On Friday we participated in a School Clubs Fayre: a very exciting event in which the children had the opportunity to see what clubs are being offered and decide whether they fancy becoming a Community leader at Community Links Club, a Reading Leader at ChatterBooks or perhaps joining our Eco Club. 

Some logistical points for the coming year:

♦ Homework will be set on Doodle Maths. Children should complete 20 mins per week. I will check their progress on Friday mornings. If anyone wishes to complete this at school they may join Homework Club on Wednesday lunchtime, where they can access Chromebooks. 

♦ The children will bring home between 3-6 personal spellings on Fridays. These will be words that they collect themselves that they have spelt incorrectly in their work.  They will then be tested on these the following Friday.

♦ The children must read and record their reading at least 3 times per week at home and should bring their books and journals to school daily. These will be collected in on Thursday, ready for Celebration Assembly on Friday. I am passionate about getting children reading as the amount children read has been shown to be a great signifier of future success. It has even been proven to enhance mental wellbeing!

♦ P.E. is on Wednesday afternoons . Children will wear the correct kit (Longvernal PE t-Shirt; school sweatshirt or fleece; black shorts or sports trousers; and daps or trainers) to and from school on these days. 

♦ Forest School is on a Friday afternoon. They will come to school in their Forest kit and must wear a long sleeved top and long trousers—to protect their arms and legs from insect bites and branches of trees. Sessions will take place in any weather (other than high wind or thunder and lightning storms) so please can you ensure their kit has the appropriate items of clothing (waterproofs, spare socks, wellies, gloves and a hat for colder months).

♦ Please don’t forget to check out the school website and Twitter as we will be updating both regularly!

Finally, if there are any parents/carers/grown-ups with talents or passions, it would be great for you to come in to visit the class to share them. Or, maybe you would like to come and read a story or listen to readers across the school? It has been wonderful to have you back on site and I would like to make the most of it!

I will be available on the playground every morning and when I dismiss at the end of the day so please don’t hesitate to speak to me if you have any worries, concerns or queries. 

I look forward to what promises to be a fantastic year!