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Chestnut’s Term 5 Update

Chesnut’s Term 5 Update

Wow! Another fantastic term has flown by in Chestnut Class. We have had a wonderful time with our learning.

In English this term we have written a recount about Forest School, a narrative based on using recycled presents and a non-chronological report based on the jubilee. Why don’t you ask us some facts we have learnt about the jubilee?

During Maths lessons we have learnt about 2D and 3D shapes, including lines of symmetry and repeated patterns.

In Geography lessons,we continued our learning of Australia and included a lesson about the Great Barrier Reef and how it is in danger from global warming. We learnt about how conservation of the reef and its inhabitants works and what we can do to help.  

We have had an excellent time in the forest this term. We have been observing and monitoring the growth of the tadpoles in our pond, we’ve made mobiles with leaves and salt dough and we’ve also had fun cooking popcorn, pancakes and S’mores. 

Finally, we all worked really hard in all of our challenges this term, so to celebrate them finally being over our teachers (and grown-ups) organised a surprise trip to the Playbarn for us. Itpdate was such a shock! We had an excellent day, which finished with a delicious ice lolly in the park.

Next term we are looking forward to special events such as Sports Day, seeing the KS2 production, Shuffle-Up day and other exciting learning opportunities.


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Term 4 Update

We cannot believe another term has flown by in Chestnut Class! We have had a very busy few weeks, starting the term off with Book Week.  

During Book Week we wrote some excellent book reviews, dressed up as our favourite characters and visited the library. Towards the end of the same week, we had a trip to the S.S. Great Britain. It was fantastic! We learnt all about Brunel’s ship and many of his other engineering feats. 

In English throughout the rest of the term we have written narratives based on the ‘Fluffy, Squishy, Itty, Bitty’ which has been fun. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and how to incorporate it within our narratives. 

During Maths lessons we have learnt how to add and subtract 2 two-digit numbers in a column with exchanging. At the start, this was quite tricky, however we soon became very quick at solving the problems. 

In Geography lessons, we have been learning all about Australia. We know about Australia’s climate zones, its population and all its different territories. Why don’t you ask us something about Australia to test our Geographical knowledge?

Music this term has been brilliant! Miss Dolan is an excellent musician and she has been teaching us all about rhythm, pulse, beat and Reggae music- it has been so much fun!

Finally, in Forest school we have cooked bread and made butter, tested our whittling skills and observed and recorded the growth of the tadpole in our pond.

Phew! What a busy term! We are looking forward to next term, where P.E. will be athletics on a Monday and our History topic will be World War One.

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Chestnut’s Term 3 Update

Chestnut Class

Term 3 Update


Chestnut Class have loved their learning adventures this term! Read on to find out what we have been upto…

During SPaG lessons this term we have been learning about the 4 sentence types- we can correctly identify and use questions, exclamations, statements and commands! Why don’t you ask us to give an example of one? In writing lessons we have completed very persuasive letters based on The Day the Crayons Quit and fantastic character descriptions based on The Enormous Crocodile. We have especially enjoyed editing and celebrating our writing together.

In  Maths lessons we have been focusing our understanding of multiplication and division. We have explored the relationship between multiplication and division using concrete and pictorial representations and we then apply our understanding to reasoning and problem solving questions. Furthermore, we have started to learn about statistics; we have enjoyed interpreting data and making charts.

In History this term we have been learning about ‘Significant Victorians’ with a particular focus on Florence Nightingale, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Mary Seacole. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about their achievements and the legacies they leave behind now. Next term, we are looking forward to visiting the S.S. Great Britain to consolidate our understanding of Brunel’s engineering legacy. 

Although it has been cold, we have enjoyed Forest School this term. We have used tools, built mini fires, created tree spirits and cooked quesadillas. Next term we will be beginning to learn the correct use of knives to whittle.

P.E. this term has been with the football coach, Mr. Phillips. He has taught us many new skills including defending, footwork and passing. This was put all together in mini games at the end of the term. Great fun!

Term 3 has passed by so quickly but we have enjoyed our learning. Next term we'll be focusing on materials in Science, learning about Australia in Geography and exploring new books in Book Week!


Term 2 Update

Wow! What a busy term this has been! Have a read and find out about some of our learning adventures this term…

In SPaG we have been learning lots of new concepts, including knowing what the different word categories are and new punctuation. During writing lessons we have explored a narrative about Little Red Reading Hood; our Published pieces of work are fantastic.

During Maths lessons we have been focusing on our understanding of addition, subtraction and money. We have been adding and subtracting numbers within 100. Next term we'll be beginning to learn about multiplication and division and  different types of graphs and collecting and interpreting data.

Our Geography learning this term has been excellent. We have been looking at the different oceans and continents of the world and the features of them. We have particularly enjoyed learning about human and physical Geography and identifying them around the school and local area. During Forest School lessons, we have been using tools. We have demonstrated our skills in sawing and drilling to complete Christmas decorations. We have also continued our learning on fire safety, cooking and safe den building. It has been cold, but really good fun! 

In dance this term we have been fortunate enough to work with Michelle Rochester. We have explored different movements and created an excellent composition to ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

In the last week of term we have lots of seasonal events to look forward to, including watching a Christmas movie, a class party, Christmas Dinner Day and a special Christmas Maths Problem Solving morning

We cannot believe Term 2 is almost coming to an end and it will soon be Term 3! Next term our History Topic will be Significant Victorians, in particular Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


Chestnut’s News October 2021

Chestnut’s October News 2020

Chestnut has had a great couple of weeks! We have now fully settled into routines and have really become stuck into our topics.

In English, we’ve been learning lots of new SPaG, including adjectives and punctuating sentences; why not try asking us about some of the new rules we have learnt during those lessons? In writing, we have written instructions for and we are now making bird feeders and in Phonics, we are continuing with Set 2 and 3 sounds. Not long until we start putting our phonetical knowledge into practice in the RWI Spelling Zone.

During Maths lessons, we have been securing our understanding of numbers to 100. We have been comparing numbers using the <,> and = signs, counting in steps of 2,5,10 and 3 and representing numbers in different ways. We are now moving on to addition and subtraction of numbers to 30.

We have really enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London in History. Why not ask us some of the facts we know about it? We also put our acting hats on and became Thomas Farriner on the night he started the Great Fire. We have also enjoyed looking at extracts of Samuel Pepys’ diary. During Forest School lessons this term, we have enjoyed whittling, making rafts, learning about fires and starting mini fires. Bring part of the autumnal season, we had a week appreciating the harvest, so in Forest School we made bread and butter. We learnt about the process of how bread is made, from ploughing the fields, sowing seeds, grinding wheat grain into flour and making bread. We now appreciate that something as simple as bread has a huge process behind it. We’ve also created some beautiful harvest art.

This week, we are looking forward to going on our first class trip to Chew Valley Animal Park. Keep a lookout for our photos and updates on the day!

We cannot believe Term 1 is almost coming to an end, it has been very exciting and we are all looking forward to Term 2.


Welcome from Chestnut Class!

What a lovely start to Year 2 Chestnut Class has had. It has been brilliant reconnecting with friends and sharing holiday news. The children have started lots of new learning including place value work in Maths and beginning to write instructions in English. They have also enjoyed the start of our History topic, The Great Fire of London.

The start of a new school year is always busy, so please can I make you aware of the following:

¨ We will encourage the children to be as independent as possible this year, however sometimes help from at home (and school) will be required.

¨ Just like last year, the children will be expected to complete homework. This year, we have decided as a school that Doodle Maths will be our homework of choice– with all children focusing on their personal maths targets set via the platform. In conjunction with this, children will also receive spellings and will be required to read. Ideally, we would like children to spend 20 minutes on Doodle Maths over the course of the week, however as long as it is being accessed, this can be done in a day or spread out. Homework and Reading Journals will be checked on a Thursday, with a ‘fresh’ week starting on a Friday. All children have their Doodle Maths Passwords stuck to the front page of their Reading Journals. Homework and spellings will commence from 10.9.21.

¨ The children will receive between 4-6 spellings a week, 4 relating to their phonic learning for the week and 2 of the Year 2 Common Exception Words. These will be stuck into reading journals every Friday and tested the following Friday. Beginning 10.9.21 to be tested on the 17.9.21 and so on.

¨ Please can children be heard to read AT LEAST 3 times a week at home and could their books and journals  come to school daily. This way we can monitor progress and change books when necessary. Reading regularly has such a positive impact in every area of a child’s learning, so your support with this would be much appreciated. All children will be required to read R.W.I. scheme books twice, to aid their fluency of sight word recognition.

¨ P.E. is on a Tuesday afternoon this year. Please could children wear the correct kit (Longvernal P.E. t-Shirt, black shorts or sports trousers and daps or trainers) to school on a Tuesday. We will be having P.E. outside for the first term, so school hoodies or jumpers can also be worn.

¨ Forest School is on a Thursday morning. Forest School lessons will take place regardless of the weather (unless extreme) so please can you ensure your child’s is wearing the appropriate items of clothing; long sleeve tops and trousers on Thursdays. Could children please bring their wellies and waterproofs in a separate bag to change into and out of during the day. Please note that it is extremely difficult to provide spare Forest Kits for individual children, so please ensure your child has got their wellies and waterproofs for Forest Lessons.

As ever, please do not hesitate to contact me either via email or speak to me before or after school, I will endeavour to reply, talk to you or set up a meeting if needed. Thank you for all your support, we are really hoping that this year is the start of ‘normality in school’ again. Myself, and  Mrs Witcombe are looking forward to a brilliant year in Chestnut Class.

Kind regards,

Chrissie Richards