Coming up in Term 4

Please see the poster below to find out what Chestnut class will be learning this term.

Coming up in Term 4

Term 3 Update

Well, this term has flown by! Chestnut Class has crammed so much learning into such a small amount of time.

In English, we have completed a short narrative based on the Marvellous, Fluffy, Squishy, Itty Bitty. We wrote about how we would make a gift for others and what it would be made out of. 

During Maths lessons we have been consolidating our understanding of number with daily Number Sense lessons and also learning how to multiply and divide and the relationship between the two operations.

History this term has been fascinating; we have learnt all about the Victorian era and the legacy left by famous Victorians such as; Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Humphry Davy. We have also learnt about the history of the local area including the mining connections and Ludlow’s Colliery.

We have loved our D&T lessons this term! We all created a pouch by using a running stitch to sew two pieces of felt together and add special details to decorate the front. We enjoyed the designing and creating process so much that it has inspired us to work on another new sewing project next term.

As well as all of this, we have continued our learning of habitats and food chains in Science; worked on balance and movement in gymnastics lessons and learnt about the Islamic faith in R.E. lessons. 

To top the term off, we visited our favourite place… the local library! We spent time returning our books and exploring and checking out new ones. We are always excited to go to the library, it enhances our love of reading in the class.


Term 3 Highlights

Coming up in Term 3

Please read the poster below to find out what your child will be learning in Term 3. 

Coming up in Term 3

Term 2 Update

Wow! I cannot believe that Term 2 is almost complete, we have managed to achieve so much. 

In English, we wrote diary entries from the perspective of Samuel Pepys based on The Great Fire of London, which was fascinating. In Maths, we have focused on column addition and subtraction with exchanging, this proved to be quite tricky to start with, but we soon got the hang of it. Guided Reading is a firm favourite in Chestnut Class, this term we have focused on poetry. It has been interesting learning new vocabulary and understanding different poetic concepts.

In Geography we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the world. Especially; hemispheres, continents and human and physical features of different continents. 

This finally brings us to all of the exciting extra-curricular activities we have had this term. We have loved rehearsing and performing the Christmas show ‘Hey Ewe’, it was such a fun experience. Not forgetting to mention the visit from Wessex Water, where we learnt about how needed water is for our bodies; Health and Fitness week was also a great success, we loved trying different sports and tasting healthy foods.

Phew! Time for a well deserved rest over the Christmas break. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year. See you all in the new term.

-Miss Richards

Coming up in Term 2

Please read the poster below to find out what your child will be learning in Term 2. 

Coming up in Term 2

Term 1 Update

What a brilliant first term Chestnut Class has had. We’ve squeezed in so much learning!

In English, we’ve been learning lots of new SPaG, including adjectives and punctuating sentences; why not try asking us about some of the new rules we have learnt during those lessons? In writing lessons, we have created a narrative based on the book ‘Little Red Reading Hood’-taking our main character on different adventures. In Phonics, we have finished our Set 3 sounds and next term will be starting the RWI Spelling Zone.

During Maths lessons, we have been securing our understanding of numbers to 100. We have been comparing numbers using the <,> and = signs, counting in steps of 2,5,10 and 3 and representing numbers in different ways. We are now moving on to addition and subtraction of numbers to 30.

We have really enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London in History. Why not ask us some of the facts we know about it? We have learnt about the chronology of the events around the fire. Also, how we know about the fire looking at different sources of evidence including Samuel Pepys’ diary. We have also considered the legacy of the fire and how it impacted London. During Forest School lessons this term, we have enjoyed making fires, whittling, learning about seasonal changes and creating woodland art . Bring part of the autumnal season, we had a week appreciating the harvest, so in Forest School we made bread and butter. We learnt about the process of how bread is made, from ploughing the fields, sowing seeds, grinding wheat grain into flour and making bread. We now appreciate that something as simple as bread has a huge process behind it. We’ve also created some beautiful harvest art.

On the last day of term we enjoyed a fantastic day at Chew Valley Animal Park. We learnt about animal adaptations and also spent time feeding goats and deer and holding small animals. 

We cannot believe Term 1 is almost coming to an end, it has been very exciting and we are all looking forward to Term 2.

Coming up in Term 1

Please read the poster below to find out what your child will be learning in Term 1.

Term 1 Overview

Welcome to Chestnut Class

Chestnut Class have had a settled and productive start to the year. We are becoming familiar with the class routines and rules and everyone is working hard to respect them. Chestnut Class has been enjoying many of our subjects- including learning about chronological order, evidence and legacy in History when learning about the Great Fire of London. Why not ask us a little bit more about what we have been learning?

Information to note

Tuesday afternoons- Forest School. Children will need to come in wearing a long top and fully coverage trousers. For colder/wetter weather children will need waterproofs and wellies.

Friday afternoons- P.E. Children to come in wearing their Longvernal P.E. kit.

Library trip- Chestnut Class will be visiting the library during the morning of October 12th.

Trip to Chew Valley Animal Park- This trip is on Thursday 20th October 


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