Holly’s News July 2021

Holly Class News – End of Term 6

Wow, how is it the end of the school year already! I’m sure you’ll agree, despite the interruptions, the year seems to have flown by. We have had another very busy but memorable final term in Holly Class. Our topic for Term 6 has been ‘Under the Sea’. We have spent the term exploring the under the sea environment and learning lots of new facts about sea creatures through reading non-fiction books and watching various videos. 

In Phonics, all the children have now learnt their Set 1 and Set 2 sounds. They have also learnt lots of common exception words (red words); if you could practise these at home too that would be great. Their independence is growing in both their reading and writing and many of the children can now sight read some words and write a sentence. Please keep reading over the summer as I am sure Mrs Chilcott-Dean will be very impressed with your phonics skills. 

In Literacy, we have completed various activities based around our topic. To start the term, we wrote down some questions that we would like answered about sea creatures. We then went on the class computer and used the internet search engine ‘Google’ to find out the answers to our questions. Following this, we wrote some facts about sea creatures. Furthermore, we conducted some research into submarines and different parts of the sea; such as, the Arctic sea, the tropical sea and the deep, deep sea. We then wrote about getting into a submarine and going to a specific part of the sea, writing down what sea creatures we thought we would see. Finally, we completed the same ‘Marvellous Me’ worksheet that we completed in September. It is incredible to see how much the children have grown and changed in a year and how their writing has progressed. We can’t wait for you to see these worksheets in our learning journals! We have also completed lots of impressive independent writing this term. 

In Maths, we have continued to consolidate addition and subtraction. We also introduced doubling, the children grasped the concept of doubling very quickly and have enjoyed exploring doubling in various ways. Moreover, we have been consolidating various shape, space and measure concepts, such as; exploring o’clock on clocks, ordering seaweed by height, racing cars down drainpipes and discussing distance, exploring capacity, using scales to weigh sea creatures and discussing weight, creating patterns with sea creatures and exploring money by buying various items with the correct amount of coins. We have also continued to run our ‘Snack Shop’ where we pay for our snacks with coins. 

In PE, we started the term by practising for Sports Day. The children competed in sprint, relay, egg and spoon and obstacle races and were very successful. If you would like to see some photos from our Sports Day, please visit the ‘sporting events’ page on our website. More recently we have been participating in various athletics activities during our PE lessons. 

In Art and Design, we started the term by creating some stain glass window sea creatures. They are now on display in the classroom and they look great! Furthermore, the children loved using a paper plate to create a jelly fish, turtle or fish. We hope you like our creations too! 

In Forest School, we have continued to complete multiple activities. For instance; making houses for our bog babies, making elderflower cordial, making potions and wands, creating natural art, prepping and cooking damper bread over the campfire and using drills to drill holes in our medals. We have also continued to follow the children’s interests by observing the pond area in the orchard. This term we were lucky enough to observe amazing changes at all stages of a frog’s life cycle which prompted some amazing discussions between the children. 

In addition, we have continued to complete gardening activities this term. We successfully harvested and tasted radishes, peas and strawberries. Unfortunately, our carrots are not quite ready yet but we are hoping they might be before the end of term. 

As the end of the year approaches, I have been reflecting on the progress made this year and I am incredibly proud of every child in Holly Class. What a successful year, despite the challenges! I have no doubt that you will all continue to shine in Year 1 – I know that Mrs Chilcott-Dean is very excited.

Thank you for an amazing year. I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday, stay safe and have fun! 

Miss Nash  


Holly News May 2021

We have had a very busy but extremely enjoyable term. Our topic for Term 5 was ‘Minibeasts’. We started the term by introducing our very own class caterpillars and exploring the butterfly life cycle. We closely observed our caterpillars eat, poo and grow before they made themselves a chrysalis. You might like to ask your child what the scientific name for caterpillar poo is… The children were amazed when the butterflies emerged from their chrysalis and spent long periods of time observing the butterflies in their butterfly house. After a precious couple of days observing our butterflies we let them go during one of our Forest School lessons. 

In Phonics, the children are making impressive progress with their Set 2 sounds. They have also been practising sentence writing and they are becoming much more independent. It would be great if you could continue to practise reading, writing and red words at home too!

In Literacy, we have completed various activities based around our topic. To start the term, we wrote about the butterfly life cycle and wrote facts about caterpillars and butterflies. Then we read a book called ‘The Bog Baby’. The children drew and labelled their own Bog Baby recalling descriptive words used in the book. Then we recalled and wrote some facts that we have learnt about Bog Babies. We have also completed independent writing, such as; writing names of minibeasts. 

In Maths, we finished consolidating addition using maths stories and focused on counting on to find the answer. Then we introduced subtraction using The Big Bad Wolf who was very hungry and ate some of our minibeasts! We then moved on to using maths stories and counting backwards to find the answer. We have also been completing shape, shape and measure activities, such as; recording our height and discussing who is the tallest and shortest in the class, exploring weight with minibeasts and discussing when the scales are lighter, heavier or balanced, estimating how many building blocks we would need to build a tower as tall as our garden fence, identifying 2D and 3D shapes, exploring capacity during water play and timing running races using a stop watch and discussing who was the fastest/slowest. Furthermore, we have had a big focus on counting forwards to and especially backwards from 20 this term – it would be great if you could also practise this at home with your child. 

In PE, we have enjoyed six exciting lessons with a football coach called Mr Phillips. Mr Phillips has been repeatedly impressed with our ball skills and how well we listen to and follow instructions. 

In Art and Design, we started the term by exploring colour mixing outdoors in the sunshine. Then we created our very own dolly peg butterfly or pom-pom caterpillar. To end the term, we created our very own Bog Baby. We used a wet felting technique to create the body of our Bog Baby and then practised our cutting skills to cut out a set of wings, feet and a tail. To finish our bog baby, we glued on his features and added googley eyes. Next term, we are going to make houses for our Bog Babies during Forest School. 

In Forest School, we have completed lots of new activities. For example; making stick towers, identifying trees and plants, carrot peeling to prepare for whittling in later years, using a bow saw to create magnet medallions and leaf beating. We are also hoping to have a campfire during our last Forest session of the term on Friday where we will toast marshmallows to make s’mores. Yummy! We have also had great fun risk taking, climbing trees and playing in the mud kitchen. Furthermore, whilst in the orchard we have been observing our pond area. You might like to ask your child what we have been observing in the pond… 

As if all of that wasn’t enough… we have also been exploring how to stay healthy. We discussed a healthy diet, regular exercise and the importance of good sleep. Then we had a go at creating our own healthy lunchboxes! Additionally, we finally planted our vegetables in our vegetable garden and have been closely observing the changes. Our radishes are certainly looking promising! We also planted our own flowers and we have been watering and observing the changes daily. 

Finally, on the 30th April we completed our Captain Tom Moore 100 Challenge and raised money for the SWALLOW Charity. Every child did 100 star jumps and we were incredibly proud of their efforts! Well done Holly Class and thank you to everyone who donated! 

We hope you have lots of fun during the half term holiday now that the rules are easing. We look forward to seeing you all in Term 6 for our last term in Holly Class! I can’t believe it – time flies when you’re having fun! 

Miss Nash 


Holly Class News March 20211

I am so pleased to be writing this website update with all the children back in school. The last two terms certainly haven’t passed without their challenges! I would like to say a big thank you to all of Holly Class parents for your amazing efforts throughout home learning. Although the children continued to do so well whilst learning at home it has been lovely to have them all back in the classroom. 

It has been a busy four weeks! We have continued to learn about our Term 4 topic ‘People Who Help Us’ whilst settling back into school routines, being outdoors and active as much as possible and having lots of free-flow time to engage in those very much missed social interactions. Seeing how happy the children were to see their friends and be back in school was truly amazing! 

In Phonics, we are now beginning to read and write more complex words and simple sentences. It would be great if you could practise our reading, writing and red words at home too! 

In Literacy, we have been learning about different people who can help us. We have discussed different situations where we could ask different people for help. Then we looked at the kit that some people need to do their job, we chose our favourite and labelled their kit using our impressive phonics skills. During the last two weeks, we wrote about what we would like to do as a job when we grow up and why. Miss Nash was VERY impressed with our writing skills! 

In Maths, we have been consolidating our adding knowledge. We have used the adding machine to add two groups together and find the total amount, then we recorded the number sentence using ten frames. More recently, we have been reading ‘maths stories’ and recording the number sentence using ten frames to find the answer. We have also been recognising and ordering numbers to 20, identifying missing numbers and playing shape splat. It would be great if you could practise counting backwards from 20-0 with us as home as this is something we are currently working on as a class. 

Since returning to school, we have continued to discuss our feelings, emotions, similarities, differences, likes, dislikes and uniqueness. We have also continued to develop our fine motor skills by completing the following activities; scissors skills, pencil skills, playdough and teeth brushing. 

In Art and Design, we have created Mother’s Day Cards and Easter Cards as well as lots of child-initiated art work! We have also completed activities on the computers. 

In Forest School, we have been spotting signs of Spring. We have talked about changes to day length, the weather and what happens to flowers and trees during Spring. We took cuttings from different trees and brought them back to the classroom to observe and spot changes. We noticed changes such as blossom, buds and even roots growing! Then we tried to identify each cutting to see what type of tree we thought it would grow into. We have also had lots of fun in the big sand pit! 

In P.E., we have been doing gymnastics. We have learnt different gymnastic sit holds; such as, tuck, pike and straddle. We also learnt the gymnastic caterpillar travel move. Furthermore, we had a go at jumping and landing using a spring board, balancing on benches and climbing on the big climbing frame! Needless to say, the big climbing frame in the hall was very exciting indeed! We have also continued to participate in Jump Start Jonny activities. 

Finally, we have also been busy gardening this term. We have been weeding and prepping our flower bed and vegetable garden ready for planting in Term 5 so I will update you with our gardening progress soon! 

We hope you have a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 5! 


Mrs Bazeley reads.... Oi Puppies!

Mrs Bazeley reads.... The Bear and the Piano

Mrs Bazeley reads...Wonky Donkey

Mrs Bazeley reads.... Oi Frog!

Merry Christmas from Holly Class!- Christmas Poem

Holly Class Christmas Message

Holly Class Term 2 News

It has been another very busy but exciting term in Holly Class! This term our topic has been ‘Celebrations and Traditions’. Throughout the term we have learnt about Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Children in Need, Diwali and discussed Christmas traditions in England and around the world. 

In Phonics, we have now learnt all the sounds in RWI Set 1 and we have additionally learnt the following digraphs; ck, ff, ll, ss and zz. We have also learnt the following red words; I, the, of, put, he, puts. It would be great if you could practise these at home with us too! Furthermore, we are applying our new phonic skills well and have shown impressive progress in blending and segmenting. 

In Literacy, we have been practising our rhyming by completing ‘rhyming soup’ and ‘odd one out’ activities. In addition, we have been focusing on the story of ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. After reading and discussing the story several times we sequenced the story as a whole class, then in small groups before we sequenced the story individually. In Writing, we began the term by creating firework safety posters and wrote one way that we can ensure we stay safe around bonfires and fireworks. Then, we created Remembrance Day posters and wrote ‘Remember’ before colouring in a poppy. Next, we wrote a label saying ‘Diva Lamp’ to go with the diva lamps we made whilst learning about Diwali. Additionally, we have been practising our writing skills outdoors using chalk and wrote ‘Stick Man’ when sequencing the Stick Man story. Lastly, and most excitingly, we wrote our very own letter to Santa! Miss Nash was amazed by how well we applied our phonic skills! 

In Maths, we began the term by introducing and learning how to use a ‘ten frame’. We have been building on this new knowledge throughout the term by representing a variety of different numbers on a ten frame. Moreover, we have been ordering poppies and stickmen by height, estimating numbers of objects, going on 2D shape hunts and identifying shapes in our environment, talking about positional language and creating repeating patterns with shapes. During the latter part of the term we have been counting irregular arrangements of objects and matching the correct numeral. Most recently, we have been identifying one more and one less than a given number within 20. We started by working out one more/one less with concrete objects and then moved on to representing one more or one less than a given number pictorially using a ten frame. In the last two weeks of term we began to introduce the language of adding and taking away whilst finding one more/one less. 

This term, we have continued to discuss our feelings, emotions, similarities, differences, likes, dislikes and uniqueness. We have also continued to develop our fine motor skills by completing the following activities; firework dot painting, pencil skills sheets, colouring, creating Mehndi patterns on hands, cutting spaghetti, threading beads onto pipe cleaners, cutting out Stick Man’s body parts and sticking them down to create Stick Man, making paper chains and creating reindeer Christmas hats for our school Christmas dinner. 

In Art and Design, we have created firework pictures, poppies, diva lamps and our very own Stick Man! We also learnt how to program Beebots – this activity was a firm favourite! 

In Forest School, we have continued to look at seasonal changes by discussing changes to day length, the weather and what happens to trees during winter. We have also played forest games, created firework pictures with paint and sticks, made bracelets, built dens and been on bug hunts! In the last couple of weeks, we had a go at drilling holes in wood… needless to say, the children LOVED this activity! 

In P.E., we have continued to practise our balancing skills but our main focus has been our jumping and landing skills. More recently, we have put all our new skills together and completed obstacle courses! We have also continued to participate in Jump Start Jonny activities and completed the Joe Wicks 24 hour PE challenge to raise money for Children in Need. We also had great fun participating in a Diwali dance workshop. 

During the last two weeks of term we have been busy creating Christmas cards and a snowman tree decoration for our loved ones. We hope that you love these as much as we do – we had lots of fun making them and were very keen to give them to you! 

Lastly, I am sure the children will have told you, but on the last day of school we had a very special visit from Santa’s elves. After receiving the children’s hand written letters Santa sent his elves to school to deliver a special letter in return! The children were extremely excited and utterly amazed by this! 

I couldn’t possibly be any prouder of the children and the progress they have made since starting school. They are a credit to Longvernal. I can’t wait to learn even more with them all in Term 3. I hope you all have a magical Christmas and I will see you all in the New Year!


Holly End of Term 1 News 2020

It is crazy to think that we have already completed our first term in Holly Class. We have continued to learn lots of new things whilst having fun, across the curriculum. 

In my last update, I mentioned that we were going to be creating salt dough tree faces and self-portraits on cookies as part of our ‘Marvellous Me!’ topic. The children had so much fun creating these that I had to mention them again and add some pictures for you to see their amazing work! We have also continued to discuss our feelings, emotions, similarities, differences, likes, dislikes and uniqueness. 

To continue strengthening our fine motor skills we have completed activities such as; cutting playdough with a knife and fork, hole punching autumn leaves to make confetti, picking up pom poms with tweezers and using the pom poms as autumn leaves to add onto a tree and cereal construction. During the last week of term, we had a Halloween themed week and we completed some Halloween funky finger activities such as; hammering golf tees into pumpkins, putting elastic bands around pins in a pumpkin and some Halloween colouring. 

In Phonics, we have continued to learn new sounds and we have been focusing on blending CVC words. In Literacy, we have been segmenting CVC words and having a go at writing them. Furthermore, we have been practising writing our letters on the interactive whiteboard, playing ‘silly soup’ to consolidate our rhyming skills and participating in games to develop our blending skills. In Maths, we’ve been working on counting to 20, developing our 1:1 counting skills and securing our knowledge of 2D shape names. It would be great if you could practise this with us at home too! 

In Forest School, we have been participating in Forest Games, our favourite so far is a game called ‘Bat and Moth’! We have also continued to look at seasonal changes discussing changes to day length, the weather and what happens to trees during autumn. In P.E., we have progressed onto much more challenging balancing and we have been practising our throwing and catching skills with large balls. 

As October is Black History Month we have been busy exploring and celebrating Black History, particularly African culture. We began by reading and discussing stories such as ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘Fatou, Fetch the Water’. This allowed us to discuss similarities and differences between our appearance and culture compared to African appearance and culture. After reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’ we explored, named and described different African fruit before getting to try it, yum! We also made African ‘Kwanzaa’ necklaces, this also helped to strengthen our fine motor skills. As a challenge, some children tried to make patterns with the different coloured pasta. Furthermore, in Art, we created African Masks. The children loved creating their own colourful patterns with cotton wool buds on their mask, another activity that helped to strengthen our fine motor skills. In Music, we listened to some reggae music by Bob Marley and discussed how he is a famous singer/song writer from Jamaica. Then we watched a video of some African drumming before having a go at making rhythms on djembe drums ourselves. The children were amazing at following instructions and copying rhythms! Finally, we watched a video that explained why it is important to love ourselves and then, during circle time, we shared what we love about ourselves and what we are good at. 

I am so proud of how well the children have completed their first term in school and the progress that they have already made! I can’t wait to continue our learning journey in Term 2!


Holly Class News October 2020

I can’t believe it is October and we are over half way through our first term in school already. We have been having so much fun across the curriculum, whilst exploring both our indoor and outdoor learning environments. 

We have continued exploring our ‘Marvellous Me!’ topic by talking about our feelings and emotions and discussing how they can be different from others feelings and emotions. We have also been looking at our similarities and differences and talking about how it is ok to be different and how we are all unique. Next week, we will be creating salt dough tree faces in Forest School and creating self-portraits on cookies, yum! 

We have also continued to engage in lots of activities to help strengthen our fine and gross motor skills, such as; pencil control sheets, hammering golf tees into a hammering block, hairy letters on iPads, dough disco, playpark, bikes, chalks and playing in the big sandpit on the school field. 

Since my last news update we have had our first Phonics, P.E. and Forest School lessons. In Phonics, the children have learnt several new sounds and have begun to work on blending and segmenting CVC words. In P.E., we have been focusing on different types of movement and balancing. In Forest School, we have been exploring the forest area, looking for signs of Autumn and engaging in forest games. 

Last week, we learnt all about the Harvest Festival. We discussed growing and harvesting crops, explored lots of different vegetables and created some harvest art work. 

Our learning journey so far has been fantastic and I look forward to more fun and adventure as Term 1 continues.


Holly Class News September 2020

We have had a great start to the school year and everyone has settled in very well. We are enjoying getting to know our new routines and exploring our learning environment.

Our topic for Term 1 is 'Marvellous Me!'. Throughout the term we will learn lots about ourselves, our friends and our families. We have already begun by completing lots of exciting activities such as: painting self-portraits, participating in circle times to get to know our new friends and sharing family photos.

So far this term we have been engaging in lots of activities to help strengthen our fine and gross motor skills including: cutting playdough, colouring, threading cheerios onto spaghetti, hammering golf tees and using our school play park. We have also participated in lots of activities to help develop our listening and attention skills including: circle time activities, phase 1 phonics activities and games where children have to listen carefully to sounds and try to guess what they are. Furthermore, we have completed gardening activities to prepare our vegetable garden for planting and learnt how and when to wash our hands properly to ensure we stay healthy and well.

The children were particularly excited when Mrs Bazeley came into Holly Class and read us a story!

We will begin P.E. and Forest School lessons WB 21.09.20. Please ensure P.E. kits are brought into school on Tuesdays and please send children to school in clothes appropriate for Forest School on Fridays (no short sleeves or shorts as arms and legs must be protected). The children are very excited to get started, as am I!

It has been a fantastic start to the year and we are excited to continue our learning journey.

Holly Class Expectations Video Part 1

Holly Class Expectations Video Part 2