Coming up in Term 3

Please read the poster below to see what your child will be learning in Term 3. 

Coming up in Term 3

Term 2 Update

What a fantastic term Oak Class has had!

Oak Class children have yet again amazed with their hard work, perseverance and teamwork this term. It has been very busy; we have learnt new units, been on our first school trip of the year and practised and delivered an outstanding Nativity play.

In Maths this term we have consolidated and recapped understanding of Place Value to 10, as well as exploring addition and subtraction. We have continued counting in 10s, and have even started counting in 2s and 5s!

In English we have been developing our independence to write our narrative ‘The Queen’s Hat’ using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces independently!

In Science we have relished our topic of ‘Animals (Including Humans)’ where we have used new vocabulary to compare animals. I have been really impressed how Oak Class have been able to identify and explore a range of animals by remembering what a mammal, amphibian, reptile, bird, vertebrate, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore are! We loved our school trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo and used our learning from the workshop to think about habitats.

In Geography we have been learning about the UK. Specifically, the 4 countries that make up the UK, capital cities, the comparisons between towns and cities and the seas sounding the UK. This has been a really exciting unit to learn about.

In SpaG we have been furthering understanding of prefixes, suffixes, writing sentences, capital letters and full stops.

In PE we have been completing the unit of gymnastics. We have explored how to use partner work to help with balances, took turns to do forward rolls and how to jump with both feet and bending our knees.

In DT we designed, assembled and evaluated our own windmills. Oak Class loved these DT lessons and enjoyed seeing the windmills come together and work in the wind.

In Forest, Oak Class have continued to enjoy crafts, den building and understand fire safety. The Longvernal value of ‘Teamwork’ has been prevalent in these sessions, and it has been lovely to see all children take an active role to support and help others.

In Guided Reading Oak Class thoroughly enjoyed the book ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. We used this to retrieve, inference, predict and explain the author’s choices when writing the book.

In Phonics we have amazed with beginning our learning of Set 3 sounds, as well as recapping Set 2- keep up the hard work, Oak Class!

In RE we have been exploring God and Creation; focusing predominantly on Incarnation and the Bible. We have also been exploring the significance of Christmas and the relevance of the gifts from the three wise men.

In PSHE we have been exploring the unit ‘Celebrating Difference.’ This has been based on the learning of bullying, how to make new friends and celebrating our similarities and differences between our peers.

In Music we have continued to appraise listen to and improvise to songs with the focus of adding rhythm and pitch. A lot of our music lessons have also been based on learning and remembering our Nativity songs which we have immensely enjoyed.

In Computing we have looked at how to use the keyboard, be creative using coding to help us to paint and worked with our partners to evaluate how to make lines and shapes.

Well done Oak Class for you hard work this term, I am so proud. Have a lovely and restful Christmas break.

Miss Black


Coming up in Term 2

Please read the poster below to find out what your child will be learning in Term 2.

Coming up in Term 2

Term 1 Update

We have had a fantastic first term in Oak Class! Everyone has settled into life in year 1 confidently, and we have had lots of fun within all our learning. So far this term, we have…

In Maths, looked at and explored Place Value to 10; focusing on how to compare numbers and review vocabulary including ‘fewer than’ and ‘greater than.’ Everyone has worked extremely hard to implement the CPA approach (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) into each lesson, and we are even impressing everyone with our counting in 10s!

In English we have used the book ‘The Queen’s Hat’ to write a narrative piece of work. We have been trying hard to remember our finger spaces, full stops and capital letters in each sentence!

In SPaG we have been writing our own sentences, using question marks, verbs, capital letters and the suffix -ing.

In History, everyone has relished our unit of ‘The Big Dig’ which has looked at the legacy of Mary Anning. I have been amazed with how Oak Class has memorised and recalled facts and confidently argued why/why not Mary Anning should have a statue in Lyme Regis.

In RE, we have completed the unit ‘Christianity: God and Creation.’ In this, we have consolidated understanding of the Bible and why this is important to Christians.

In PSHE, we have explored the unit ‘Being Me in My World.’ In this, Oak Class have had various discussion-based lessons on how to look after each other, themselves and how we can be proud of our achievements.

In Science, we have explored the unit of ‘Seasons: Autumn and Winter.’ With this, we have learnt about each season, day length, how to identify each season and similarities/differences.

In PE we have had fun both inside and outside learning fundamental skills. These include throwing, catching, balancing and taking turns. Everyone has worked really hard and we are fantastic at supporting each other and working in teams.

In Art we have explored the unit of ‘Drawing.’ This has included how to explore line, waves, making art with media and mark making. Oak Class has really been able to explore their creativity, and I look forward to seeing more!

In Music we have been appraising, improvising and listening to songs. This has tied in nicely with singing assemblies, and we will also use these lessons to support our learning of our Nativity songs next term.

In Guided Reading, we have been using our learning from daily phonics lessons to retrieve, inference and predict parts of the book to answer questions.

In Forest, Oak Class have used natural resources to make crafts, have built dens and learnt about fire safety.

Well done Oak Class for all your hard work this term. Have a relaxing half term and keep reading!

Miss Black

Term 1 Highlights

Coming up in Term 1

Please read the poster below to find out what your child will be learning in Term 1.

Term 1 Overview

Welcome to Oak Class

WOW! What a fantastic few weeks we have had in Oak Class already! We have developed old and new friendships, amazed with our hard work and determination, started our new topics and familiarised ourself with the class mascot, Mr Monkey! We have taken particular interest in our History unit of Mary Anning, and have enjoyed learning about fossils and dinosaurs. We have additionally been working extremely hard in Maths to consolidate learning of Place Value to 10, as well as recognising patterns. We have finally impressed with our English unit where we have started to independently use full stops, capital letters and finger spaces.

Our Longvernal values are imprinted in everything we do, and we are working exceptionally well as a team to support each other.


PE: Please ensure your child wears their PE kit to school on Thursday.
Forest: Please ensure your child wears their Forest kit (long sleeves and trousers) to school on Tuesday.


Doodle Maths (20 minutes weekly)

Reading (At least 3 times per week)

Weekly Spellings (to be tested every Friday)

Keep up the hard work Oak Class!