School Council

One of the British Values that Longvernal children learn about is Democracy. Pupil voice is of paramount importance and underpins our notion of a ‘Longvernal Family.’ Our School Council is there is represent the views of children throughout the school. The class representatives are elected by their peers using a democratic process. They meet with the Headteacher termly, minutes are taken and they then feed back to their classes. Actions are agreed and are followed up and children see the outcomes of their suggestions. Recent examples include additional play equipment and gardening equipment supplied by the PTFA as requested by School Council. School Council are alert to Longvernal Values and ensure that issues such as Equalities are addressed.

Community Leaders

The Longvernal Community Leaders are supporting the school and the wider community in lots of different ways, that they, themselves have organised and promoted. Our Community Leaders have already raised huge amounts of money for both charity, our local community and the school itself. 

By taking on the role of a Community Leader, the pupils are building upon their communication skills, teamwork, confidence and improving their public speaking through holding their own whole-school assemblies. Furthermore, the leaders are enhancing their creative skills through advertisement of their events (posters, letters etc.)

The Leaders have already begun to plan special events and have collaborated on a variety of different ideas that they will hopefully carry out this year. Some of these include: non uniform days, cake sales, charity/fun days, sponsored events, sale of charity merchandise. 

If you have any ideas or fundraisers that you would like Longvernal to support, please contact one of the Longvernal Community Leaders or Miss Collins.

Reading Leaders

Reading for pleasure is one of the most influential factors in children's cognitive development and the emotional benefits are well-documented. At Longvernal, our Reading leaders are central to this ethos.

The Reading Leaders ensure that the whole school has a cosy and inviting place to read at lunch time as well as a book bench for sunnier days. They will help others choose books, read aloud to those who ask and even encourage booktalk. They take their role very seriously: promoting a love for reading and supporting the youngest children in school to become confident, happy, fluent and independent readers!


Play Leaders

The Longvernal Play Leaders support both SMSA's and children during both break and lunchtimes. The Leaders introduce and lead new playground games, continuously promote and embed our school values of family and team work. They also help supervise the smaller children on the play park and the use of the play pod equipment and so on. 


Digital Leaders

At Longvernal, we're fortunate to have Digital Leaders. They're a dedicated group of Year 6 children who are always ready to assist with anything digital. This could involve setting up projectors and computers for assemblies, aiding staff and other children with Chromebooks and laptops, ensuring everyone stays safe online, and teaching new students how to use our online programs like Doodle Maths, among many other tasks!