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The Longvernal Community Leaders are supporting the school and the wider community in lots of different ways, that they, themselves have organised and promoted. Our Community Leaders have come up with lots of different ideas that they will put into practice throughout the duration of the school year.

By taking on the role of a Community Leader, the pupils are building upon their communication skills, teamwork, confidence and improving their public speaking through holding their own whole-school assemblies. Furthermore, the leaders are enhancing their creative skills through advertisement of their events (posters, letters etc.)

Fundraising ideas and events for 2021/22:

-      Mufti Days

-      Cake Sales

-      Book Sales

-      Craft Sales

-      Charity/Fun Days

-      Sponsored events

-      Sale of charity merchandise (poppies etc.)

If you have any ideas or fundraisers that you would like Longvernal to support, please contact one of the Longvernal Community Leaders or Miss Collins.

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